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2023 Annual Appeal

"...It's very welcoming to be met with a warm greeting, genuine care, compassion and to be treated like a human being."

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Angel, the father of Madeline and Itzel, was referred to VHC by the pastor at his church after sharing how ill he was feeling. Angel was experiencing dizziness, vision issues and was having difficulty walking. He was losing work and money due to an inability to focus because of his vision and balance issues. At the time, he was also living alone in Austin, away from his two daughters who were with their grandmother in El Paso, which left him feeling 'bitter and in low spirits'.

Things began to change for Angel when he sought help at VHC. Following his initial doctor's visit and lab test results, he was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes. Angel was immediately enrolled in VHC's Chronic Disease Management Program, where comprehensive services for diabetes and uncontrolled hypertension is provided.

In addition to clinic visits, Angel met with a Pharm D resident, who explained his medications and the reason for taking each of them. He was given a glucometer and blood pressure monitor and trained how to use them so he could monitor his conditions at home. A nutritionist helped him make dietary and lifestyle changes that have had a positive impact on his health.

Less than six months later, "The attention provided here (at VHC) is like getting a really big hug. Going to the Clinic, especially when you are down and out, feeling alone and more significantly, sick, it's very welcoming to be met with a warm greeting, genuine care, compassion and to be treated like a human being."Angel's health improved significantly. His blood sugar level has dropped over 3 points to 7.2 and he has started to lose weight. He reports feeling better - both physically and mentally - and has continued to make positive dietary and lifestyle changes.

As a result of the care he received at VHC, Angel was able to find - and keep - a better job, which has had a ripple effect in his life. He was able to purchase a new car and found housing for himself and his two daughters, who are now living with him. Angel reports being in a much better mood and recently shared that he met someone and is now engaged to be married. He is more active in his church, where he also teaches biology.